Dexter Edwards
A highly talented Singer/Performer with experience performing for the entertainment of live audiences in nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Also the recipient of many awards for Best Male Vocalist at several different venues.
  • Over 25 years of Professional Singing Experience.
  • Uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age.
  • Remarkable ability to sing pieces in a historically accurate way and a strong adherence to time for rehearsals and concerts.
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  • Excellent ability to respond quickly to verbal directions and aural cues.
  • Unmatchable ability to express self through song.
  • Uncommon enthusiasm for and ability in music.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Dynamic and exciting performer.


1.20.2010 A new video compilation on YouTube. Special thanks to: Madeleine Holmes, Darren Sachs, Darren Francisco, Andy Narsingh, Donny Young, Dave Elton, Anne Wong, Andre Reiter, Tammy Klijn, and George Edwards.

'Angel' - Music Written & Produced by Al James. Performed by Dex. Special thanks to Madeleine Holmes for recording and appearing in this video.




Victoria Albert's Pub







Song Samples



1.10.2010 Some old band mates from 'Without Reason' got together for a small reunion at Pickering's Liverpool Arms Pub to celebrate a Birthday Party! Donny on Bass(middle), Darren on Lead Gutar, and Dex on vocals.


WINNER- Hidden Talent Canada Vocal Competition April 2015



Highland Creek Idol Heritage Day Festival. First Place Winner 2009.
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